What is a Rotary Car Lift?


There are many different types of rotary car lifts at Mechanic Superstore support. You can choose between asymmetrical or Trio(tm) arms for ease of access, a swivel design, or a 4-post, more permanent storage option. Some lifts are hydraulic, while others are set at a specific height to allow easy access to parts and vehicles.

rotary car lift

A Rotary car lift is a portable vehicle lift that allows for easy access to a vehicle. It comes in a variety of sizes and heights and is made from durable materials for long-term use. There are different types of lifts, including 4-post models, which are more expensive but can be set up in multiple locations, and 2-post models, which are more flexible and affordable. Each type features a different set of features and can be used for different applications.

The Rotary TRIO ™ Series asymmetrical lift is the best-selling asymmetrical car lift on the market. Its unique design provides a patented two-piece, three-stage asymmetrical arm and can lift up to 10,000 lbs. This lift is also capable of servicing a variety of vehicles, thanks to its interchangeable arms.

Trio(tm) arms

Rotary Lift has introduced its newest two-post lift with Trio arms, combining legendary quality construction with the industry's most advanced arm design. The SPOA10TRIO supports all three interchangeable adapters – truck, rubber and flip-up adapters – with its patented Trio arms. This lift also boasts an integrated third stage, greater reach, and more arm coverage than ever before.

The Trio(tm) arms on the rotary car lift extend the reach of the lift's arms, resulting in increased technician productivity. The arms of this lift are equipped with oversized steel gears, pins and springs to further spread the load. The Trio(tm) arms are available with the Rotary FA Kit and Rotary TA Kit. Both the FA and TA kits include universal adapters (T110564 and T130660), and a 5"-tall extension kit (T130683).

asymmetrical design

The asymmetrical design of a rotary car lift is one of the key features of this type of lift. This design allows the lift arms to be rotated around 30 degrees and points the load center toward the rear of the car. This also allows the door of the vehicle to open easier. Whether you need a car lift for general maintenance or a specialized alignment, an asymmetrical lift will be perfect for your needs.

The asymmetrical design of a rotary car lift consists of two columns placed across from each other. The lift arms are angled outward, which equalizes the load on the columns. This asymmetrical design also offers more space between the columns. Its lift capacities range from 10,000 to 20,000 pounds. Aside from the asymmetrical design, a rotary lift has two full stroke hydraulic cylinders and a non-load-bearing overhead cable.

Class 1 through 5 vehicles

A Rotary car lift is a mechanical lift that raises and lowers a vehicle. They are designed to support wheels and undercarriage, and come in different capacities and with adapters to accommodate different types of vehicles. They are tested to ensure safety by third-party testing companies, such as ETL, and are ANSI-certified.

The Rotary SPO12 is a reliable vehicle lift with many standard features. It includes a single piece "double S" column, three-stage arms, stackable truck adapters, and "Rotary piece of mind". Its high-quality components are designed to withstand harsh environments. This two post car lift is available with a wide variety of features to accommodate different types of vehicles, including a low ceiling height setting and shockwave safety features.

This asymmetrical two post car lift by Rotary is the largest in the industry and is designed for passenger and work vehicles. Its 26-inch platform runway and 40-inch spacing between platform runways enable it to handle Class 1 through 5 vehicles. It has air-operated rolling jacks for added safety and comfort. It also features low-profile 15,000-pound rear jack.